“Onward” Happy Meal Toys Arrive at McDonald’s

Although Pixar’s latest fantasy adventure Onward won’t cometh into theatres for a bit longer, kids and adults can now go on their own quest… to their nearest McDonald’s. New Happy Meal toys inspired by Pixar’s Onward have now ventured into the chain’s iconic Happy Meals.

What’s happening:

  • Starting today, February 25th, Happy Meal toys featuring Onward are now available at participating McDonald’s locations.
  • Each of these nine toys features a different character, creature, or element of the upcoming film.
  • They also perform different actions. For example, the Ravens Point toy functions as a fortune teller (akin to a Magic 8 Ball) while the Unicorn and trashcan toy features a number of hidden items to be found.
  • In addition to the toys, you can find more Onward fun including downloadable coloring sheets on McDonald’s Happy Meal site.
  • P.S. — if you’re in search of much more Onward merchandise, be sure to check out our Onward shopping guide.

The list of Onward McDonald’s Happy Meal toys includes:

  • Ian Lightfoot
  • Barley Lightfoot and Guinevere
  • Laurel Lightfoot and Manticore (in a vehicle)
  • Wilden Lightfoot
  • Ravens Point
  • Dewdrop and Pixie Dusters (motorcycle)
  • Blazey
  • Unicorn (with trashcan)
  • Phoenix Gem and Staff

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