2021 marks the 5th anniversary of the Shanghai Disney Resort, and today is the day that Disneytown— the shopping, dining, and entertainment district—first welcomed guests in 2016. In addition to the milestone celebration, Disney has also shared a rendering of their “Dream Garden” that will debut at the Tenth China Flower Expo this spring.

What’s Happening:

  • Shanghai Disney Resort is inviting guests to enjoy a “Year of Magical Surprises” as the vacation destination celebrates its 5th anniversary.
  • Today is also special as it marks the opening of Disneytown, the resort’s popular dining, shopping, and entertainment district.
  • Disneytown first welcomed guests on April 26, 2016, and has become a natural extension of the Disney experience.
  • In commemoration of its milestone 5th Birthday, Disneytown is pulling out all the stops, with festive parties, performances, fun activities and shopping specials, inviting guests to come and celebrate together.
  • In addition to celebrations, Shanghai Disney Resort also unveiled a rendering of the garden that it will present in collaboration with its partners the Shanghai Shendi Group at the Tenth China Flower Expo.

Disneytown’s 5th Birthday Celebration

  • Disneytown will transform to encompass the resort’s 5th Birthday Celebration with:
    • Colorful banners
    • Décor
    • Displays
    • Celebration-themed Parties
    • Celebration Interactive Wall
    • And more
  • Stepping into the World of Disney Store, guests can witness one of the most technologically advanced Disney retail space on Earth, as well as more than 200 newly-added 5th Birthday merchandise items.
  • During the 5th Birthday Celebration, guests can also explore dozens of other shops offering fashion, sports, beauty and exclusive Disney products, and enjoy an exciting lineup of interactive activities, exquisite souvenirs, and other special offers available throughout Disneytown.

Five Years of Fun

  • Over the past five years, the magic of Disneytown has touched the lives of tens of millions of guests, and its 5th Birthday Celebration will continue to awe and inspire visitors of all ages.
  • Disneytown milestones and fun facts:
    • On April 26, 2016, Disneytown first opened to the public, offering a charming place for guests to relax with family and friends, or to explore a variety of new experiences.
    • Disneytown launched the resort’s first-ever Halloween Carnival in 2016, which has become a signature experience and must-visit cause for guests visiting the resort during Halloween season.
    • Guests have had the chance to meet Santa Claus and share their Christmas wishes every winter since 2017.
    • In 2018, Mickey’s Playground opened to the public, providing another fun space for children to enjoy.
    • In 2018, Disneytown welcomed a Giant Donald Duck – a larger-than-life inflatable Donald Duck that floats approximately 11 meters tall on Wishing Star Lake.
    • In September 2019, the 100th species of bird was spotted within Wishing Star Park, reflecting Shanghai Disney Resort’s successful development of natural habitats for wildlife species.
    • In 2020, guests had the opportunity to enjoy Disneytown’s first ever Wishing Star Park Adventure and Summer Night Market.
  • Even with so many magical memories to look back on, the future is even brighter as Disneytown continues to prepare surprises, events and offerings that will inspire and entertain guests for years to come.

Tenth China Flower Expo

  • Shanghai Disney Resort will participate in the Tenth China Flower Expo at Dongping National Forest Park on Shanghai’s Chongming Island, from May 21 to July 2, 2021.
  • During the Expo, the resort and its partners, the Shanghai Shendi Group will present: “Shanghai International Resort Garden – Dream Garden.”
  • Earlier today, Disney shared a rendering of the garden as it will appear at the Expo.

About The Dream Garden:

  • The Dream Garden is 710-square-meters and will be located in the International and Enterprises pavilion of the China Flower Expo.
  • The Garden will feature elements highlighting both Shanghai Disney Resort and other major areas of the Shanghai International Resort Zone.
  • Dream Garden was designed by Shanghai Disney Resort and Walt Disney Imagineering Shanghai following the same design philosophy as the Resort – blending Disney and resort zone elements with traditional Chinese culture.
  • The Dream Garden will also showcase Disney’s unique creativity and imagination, as well as the resort’s long-standing commitment to the environment.
  • As guests enter the “Dream Garden,” they will be greeted by a 13-meter-tall version of Shanghai Disneyland’s Enchanted Storybook Castle featuring a peony flower to represent China, as well as a cascade of Disney stars on the central spire.
  • After passing through the castle, a line of topiary sculptures of Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, and Daisy, among others, will await guests under the “Once Upon a Time Archway.”
  • In addition to the golden peony atop the castle’s finial, the entire garden is inspired by the traditional Chinese gardens found along the Yangtze River Delta.
  • Chinese paper-cutting techniques will also be well represented in the design of the flower windows, and plants and flowers originating from China.

Ticket Bonus:

  • Guests who purchase a Flower Expo ticket will also be able to enjoy a special rate on their ticket to Shanghai Disneyland.
  • The bundle ticket for the Flower Expo and Shanghai Disneyland will be on sale via the expo’s official ticketing channels.
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