Orange Bird, Madame Leota, and Remy Featured in WDW 50 Vinylmation Series 2

Vinylmation figures might be a thing of the past, but with Walt Disney World celebrating its 50th anniversary Disney has brought back the miniature collectibles for the occasion. Series 2 has just arrived on shopDisney and features 12 all new designs celebrating the resort.

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What’s Happening:

  • Walt Disney World Vinylmation are back! For a limited time, Disney fans can resume amassing the cute collectibles as a new series of figures has landed on shopDisney.
  • Last fall, in celebration of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary (1971), Disney reintroduced the popular 3-inch tall characters themed to the resort and some of its best loved attractions. Now they’ve added a new wave of Vinylmation to shopDisney with Series 2.
  • This latest selection delivers characters themed to attractions, meet and greets and even some mascots! Series 2 includes:
    • Alice
    • Madame Leota
    • Orange Bird
    • Wreck-it- Ralph
    • Rafiki
    • Vanellope
    • Zazu
    • Tinker Bell
    • Remy
    • Woody
    • Ray
    • Mystery ''Chaser''

  • As Disney fans know, part of the fun of collecting Vinylmation is the mystery element. Each figure is blind boxed making it impossible to know who’s inside until you open it!
  • Keeping true to the original concept, Series 2 is available as individual characters, and for those fans who know they want to collect them all they can purchase a full tray (24 figures) guaranteeing they’ll get every single one.
  • Guests will find both the individual figures ($14.99 each) and the Series 2 Tray ($359.99) for sale now on shopDisney.
  • Purchases are limited to 2 per item.
  • Links to the individual products can be found below.

Vinylmation Series 2 Tray

Vinylmation Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Series 2 Tray | shopDisney – $359.99

  • Limited Release
  • Contains 24 packages, randomly assorted, with one complete set of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Series 2 collection, plus the mystery ''Chaser'' figure
  • Packages inside the Tray are blind-boxed. You won't know which figure is inside until you've opened it!
  • Figures in Series 2 include:
    • Alice, Madame Leota, Orange Bird, Wreck-it- Ralph, Rafiki, Vanellope, Zazu, Tinker Bell, Remy, Woody, and Ray, plus one mystery ''Chaser''
  • Designed by Enrique Pita

Vinylmation Series 2 Individual Figures

Vinylmation Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Series 2 – 3'' Figure | shopDisney – $14.99

  • Each blind-box container contains one of 11 different designs in the Vinylmation Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Series 2 Collection – or it could be a special mystery ''Chaser'' figure!
  • Designed by Enrique Pita

Good to Know:

  • Specific designs cannot be requested. Due to the unique nature of this item, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns.

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