Photos: Disney100 Cups Spotted Aboard the Disney Fantasy

The Disney100 celebration continues to make its way onboard the Disney Cruise Line, as new Disney100 cups are now in use.

What’s Happening:

  • We spotted new hot cups, for drinks such as coffee or tea, featuring Disney100 branding, at the Cove Cafe aboard the Disney Fantasy.
  • With most celebrations, Disney usually updates the branding on their hot and cold cups, as well as plates and such.
  • The Disney100 design features the event’s logo, alongside the tagline “100 Years of Wonder.” The cup is purple, with various Mickey head shaped designs.

  • The same cups, as well as a new popcorn box, were recently spotted at Disneyland, as seen in this tweet from Twitter user @wondersofmagic:

More Disney100 News:

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