We’re all human. We all make mistakes. Every once in a while a wire gets crossed and an error slips through the cracks. Luckily for us, our mistakes typically don’t end up showcased on a popular fountain in a crowded downtown area.

That unfortunately is the case for the town of Celebration however. Recent upgrades to fountain in downtown Celebration included a couple of typos, including one that led to the misspelling of the most magical place on Earth. MyNews13 first noticed the errors.

That’s right. The fountain reads “Wald Disney World.” I wonder what Wald would have to say about a mistake like this. After all, it was Disney that originally developed the town of Celebration in 1997 and it is located adjacent to WalT Disney World. So this one is a bit rough. Insert Britney Spears cringe gif here.

Celebration might be able to take some comfort in the fact that Walt Disney World is not impervious to typos themselves. Some of you may remember this blunder from 2017:

It gets worse for Celebration though. “Wald Disney World” was not the only typo on the fountain. Florida’s Captiva Island was also unceremoniously renamed “Captativa Island.” I hope they weren’t paying by the letter.

But that’s not all. The directions of the compass-designed fountain were also incorrect. According to Celebration’s new fountain uncouth, St. Petersburg is located to the East and New York City to the South. To their credit though, both of those cities were spelled correctly.

Thankfully, the city is aware of the mistakes and is working to rectify them.

The Celebration Community Development District also offered the following statement:

  • "As many of you know, the Celebration CDD hired a contractor to refurbish the fountain in downtown Celebration. The fountain contains guide markers to various locations and attractions, one of which is Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, "Walt" was misspelled and will have to be replaced. The contractor has taken full responsibility for making the correction. Some of the other guide markers also need to be realigned to point in the correct direction, and that will also be done by the contractor."

So it looks like in the coming weeks the fountain will be complete with correct spellings and directions. Who knew all this trouble could be caused by a simple foundain?