The Best of LP 2015: A Disney Year in Review


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Peter Pan’s Flight Gets Enhanced at Disneyland by Doug Marsh

Following in the footsteps of last year’s refurbishment of Alice in Wonderland, Disneyland’s version of Peter Pan’s Flight got some extra pixie dust when it reopened in July. This, of course, made the popular attraction’s lines even longer.


Ant-Man: A Different Kind of Super Hero Origin Story by FanBoy

In July, Marvel once again proved the doubters wrong as Ant-Man, a fun and funny heist film masquerading as a superhero flick, hit theatres. For this piece, FanBoy evaluates what the film and its success means for the future of the MCU.

Descendants Poster

Descendants DCOM Review by Alex Reif

Teen Beach 2 wasn’t the only DCOM to make a splash this summer. Based around the children of famous Disney villains, Descendants became a phenomenon this year selling all kind of merchandise, music, and books.


A Guide to Camp Half-Blood by Bill Gowsell

Speaking of books, July 1st, 2015 marked the 10-year anniversary of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. To celebrate, Bill created a guide to the camp featured in the novel.



D23 Expo: Parks & Resorts Panel Coverage by Alex Reif

The highlight of the 2015 D23 Expo for many fans was the Parks & Resorts panel. Although the big Star Wars Land announcement was actually made in the films panel beforehand, it was still exciting to dive deeper into what the Disney Parks have planned for the future.


D23 Expo: 60 Years of Disney Parks Merchandise by Natalie Kipper

Our Expo coverage continued as Natalie attended a panel on the history of Disney Parks merchandise that also included some sneak peeks of what was ahead.


Tsum Tsum Life: Sorcerer Mickey and the D23 Expo by Alex Reif

After returning from the 2015 D23 Expo, Alex launched a new blog entitled Tsum Tsum Life where he looks at the rapidly growing popularity of the cute, Disney plushes from Japan. This first edition looked at both the Tsum Tsum game as well as some of the exclusive figures that were available at the Expo Disney Store.

Video Pick: Disneyland Proposal with Mickey by Doobie Moseley

If the Expo didn’t leave you with enough Disney magic in your life, check out this adorable proposal from Disneyland. Mickey Mouse even lends a big, white-gloved hand.


Dinner and a Disney Movie: Heavyweights by Alex Reif

In perhaps the most appropriate Dinner and a Disney Movie yet, Alex looks back at the 90’s classic Heavyweights and even does the one thing you’re not supposed to do: put Twinkies on a pizza.



14 Weird Things For Sale on Shop Disney Parks App by Alex Reif

This year, Disney launched their Shop Disney Parks App, but Alex questioned some of the items that were for sale.


Your Argument is Invalid: Frozen Replacing Aladdin at DCA

Fans of Aladdin — A Musical Spectacular in Disney California Adventure were shocked and appalled to hear that their beloved show was leaving in early 2016 to be replaced by a Frozen show. In the first ever edition of our debate feature, Your Argument is Invalid, Kyle and Doobie hash it out to decide if this is ultimately a good move.


7 Things I Learned from the Walt Disney Documentary by Kyle Burbank

In September PBS ran a two-hour special called American Experience: Walt Disney. Afterwards, Kyle wrote about some of the things that the documentary discussed that were news to him or changed the way he thought about the man who started it all.


Disney Remakes: Ranking from Worst to Best by Alex Reif

As we mentioned, it was a big year for announcements of classic Disney films being remade. Alex decided to rank the upcoming projects from his least exciting to his most anticipated.


Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar Opens in Disney Springs by Jeremiah Good

Probably the second biggest bar opening in Walt Disney World (following Trader Sam’s) happened in September as the Indiana Jones-inspired Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar opened its doors in Disney Spring.

THE MUPPETS - ABC's "The Muppets" stars Pepe the King Prawn. (ABC/Jay David Buchsbaum/The Muppets Studio)

In Defense of The Muppets by Alex Reif

ABC’s new fall comedy The Muppets debuted to decent ratings but the fanbase was torn on the tone and nature of the show. On the other hand, Alex loved it and explains why we all should as well.


Tullytown, PA: Disney’s Land for One Day by Paul Perrello

Disneyland wasn’t the only place celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The first ever Walt Disney Elementary (located in Tullytown, Pennsylvania) reached that milestone as well. Paul reports on the original opening ceremony which say Walt himself visiting the small town.

The Sanderson Sisters at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary by Jeremiah Good

After years of cult status, Hocus Pocus reached new levels of acknowledgement from Disney as The Sanderson Sisters starred in their own stage show during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Parties in Magic Kingdom. Given the warm reception the show received, don’t be too surprised if the Parks cook up some future plans for the girls.


Class is in Session with Pixar in a Box by Bill Gowsell

This year, Pixar entered the educational field with Pixar in a Box. Bill tried the lessons out in his own classroom and reported back on what his students thought about them and what they learned.


DisneyBounding 101: A Beginner’s Guide to a Growing Trend by Sara Lopes

Like we mentioned, DisneyBounding grew leaps and… bounds… this past year. To help get you on your way to Bounding, Sara shared some of her best tips and tricks.

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