Shop Disney Parks is a new mobile app that allows guests to not only shop the huge catalog of Disney Parks merchandise from the palm of their hand. It also helps them locate where they can buy things while on their vacation. There’s so many great things for sale, but also a few randoms that I found odd. Here are the top 14 weirdest things available through the app.

1. Alcohol Pads


Alcohol now comes in pad form. It’s so much easier to sneak past security this way!

2. Training Pants


They only have them in stock for large boys.

3. Moleskin Padding


Ma corns are achin’!

4. Krazy Glue


I can’t fathom what you would need this for during a vacation.

5. Ponytail Holder


Never let your man bun hang loose.

6. Beard Soap


Beard Soap. Because reasons.

7. Serenity Ultra Pads


Serenity Now!

8. Toddler Tether


Ever wonder where parents buy leashes for their kids? At Disney.

9. Bath Robes


You don’t have to steal the in-room bath robes, they’ll sell you one for the low-low price of $74.95!

10. Wigs


If you lose your generic wig on Big Thunder Mountain, you can just buy another in one of four colors.

11. Unflattering Shirts


Are these shirts for people or a cover for the large Balzac that used to be for sale in Tomorrowland?

12. Disposable Cameras


If you lose your phone in the parks, there’s Plan B.

13. Belt Buckles


It would be quite the faux pas to not have a belt buckle with that camo shirt.

14. Diet Coke Can Purse


Always Coca-Cola.

Lesson learned: Walt Disney World sells more things than Portobello Road. Shop Disney Parks is super helpful when you, like, need something random on vacation. There’s literally no reason to ever leave property.




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