Captain Marvel and Kim Possible Meet in New Video from Disney Channel

Brie Larson, star of the upcoming film Captain Marvel, and Sadie Stanley, star of Disney Channel’s live-action Kim Possible, met for a playful comparison of their two characters in a new video from Disney Channel.

  • Sadie Stanley’s Kim Possible is a Disney Channel Original Movie and a live-action remake of the beloved Disney Channel animated series by the same name.
  • Brie Larson will make her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming theatrical release of Captain Marvel.
  • The two trade some banter and Larson even steals one of Kim Possible’s classic lines from Stanley.

More on Kim Possible:

  • The live-action Kim Possible Disney Channel Original Movie premiered on Friday, February 15.
  • Check out Alex’s review of the live-action Kim Possible here.
  • Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens) and Will Friedle (Boy Meets World) provided the voices for Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable.
  • Romano will cameo in the film, however Friedle will not. He shared his reasons on why he’s sitting this one out.
  • Earlier this year, the duo “auditioned” for their live-action roles but Disney had to gently let them down in this silly video.
  • Sadie Stanley recently updated the theme song from the beloved animated series.

More on Captain Marvel:

  • The Kree and the Skrulls have been at war for generations. Captain Marvel will soon be bringing that war to the big screen and Marvel has released a new featurette from the upcoming film explaining the intergalactic war.
  • As has happened to other franchises in the past, it would appear that fans opposing Captain Marvel and its themes are showing up to review-bomb the MCU’s newest entry. Check out some of the social reactions to Captain Marvel.
  • The Spring issue of Disney Twenty-Three magazine will take fans behind the scenes of Captain Marvel as well as preview Avengers: Endgame, share interviews with the cast of Dumbo, and so much more.  
  • Captain Marvel soars into theaters March 8.