“Marvel’s Spider-Man” Now the Best-Selling Superhero Game of All Time

Just shy of the one-year anniversary of its release, Marvel’s Spider-Man has become the highest-selling superhero video game of all time, according to Marvel.

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man hit stores on September 7 last year, and has since sold over 13.2 million copies globally.
  • This is not the first milestone for the critically-acclaimed PlayStation 4 game. After just a few days on the market, it became the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 game ever.
  • It is also the best-selling game made exclusively for the PlayStation 4.
  • In fact, the game was so popular, Marvel decided to create a comic series based on the story.
  • According to Game Informer, Marvel’s Spider-Man surpassed Warner’s Batman: Arkham City for the right to wear the superhero video game crown.
  • Haven’t played the game yourself? Check out Mack’s review of Marvel’s Spider-Man as well as the game’s soundtrack before you swing by to pick up a copy.

ICYMI – More Marvel news:

  • Bad news Spidey fans. Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige will reportedly no longer be involved in the production of Spider-Man films because of a standoff between Disney and Sony regarding the rights to the character.
  • Marvel has created an exclusive new Marvel Comics #1000 D23 Expo variant cover, featuring Mickey Mouse alongside some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And that’s not the only way to celebrate Marvel’s 80th anniversary. There will be plenty of celebrations and releases planned for the rest of this year. Fans all over the world can join the celebration of starting with the D23 Expo 2019 starting on August 23.
  • Marvel and Stitcher have announced they are producing a 10-episode podcast based on the four-part comic book Marvels. The Marvels podcast will premiere this fall exclusively on Stitcher Premium.
  • Marvel released a special edition of “The Pull List,” unveiling exclusive information for titles coming to comic shops this November.