Learn How to Draw Simba in Latest Installment of “Draw With Disney Animation”

If you just can’t wait to be king (or queen) of drawing your favorite Disney characters, the latest installment of “Drawing With Disney Animation” is perfect for you. This new video features Disney Animator Mark Henn instructing fans on how to draw Simba from Disney’s The Lion King.

  • With the weekend approaching and folks looking for fun activities to do indoors, now’s a great time to work on a few art projects.
  • Anyone who’s ever wondered what it's like to be an animator, will benefit from Disney’s YouTube series, Draw With Disney Animation.
  • Today’s lesson is about The Lion King himself, Simba. In this 14-minute segment, animator Mark Henn shows fans how to draw the lovable lion. Take a look:

  • Over the course of his Disney career Henn has served as an animator and supervising animator. Some of his credits include:
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • The Lion King
    • Pocahontas
    • The Emperor’s New Groove
    • Enchanted
    • Frozen
    • Get A Horse
  • He also drew the official portrait for Mickey’s 90th birthday, titled “Spreading Happiness Around the World.”

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