As folks around the country got creative with their home spaces during lockdown, Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion received few of its own “home improvements” while the park was closed. Today, we got to see these changes up close as the park reopened for the first time in over a year.

What’s Happening:

  • When Disneyland announced its reopening plans for California Residents, they also teased some new magic would be coming to the Haunted Mansion, specifically throughout it’s queue and around the exterior.
  • Outside of the ride, guests will discover new landscaping enhancements around the site for dearly departed pets and they may even spot a few new residents too.  

  • Here’s Old Flybait, the frog who sadly “croaked” in 1869.

  • Stripey the skunk’s body may be buried, but his “essence” remains strong.

  • Inside the queue, guests will notice Sleeping Beauty Castle markers on the floor, some numbered to mark zones for each party to stand at before going further into the attraction.  

  • New drapes, wallpaper, and carpet has been installed throughout the lobby, but the most exciting embellishment might just be the return of the beloved “April to December” portrait.

  • Watch in awe as this spirited beauty rapidly transforms into someone a little less desirable.

  • Finally the one-eyed can looms in the corner watching your every move!

  • The concept of this feline originated from Imagineer X. Atencio and his team when they were first planning the design, layout and elements of the Haunted Mansion.

Disneyland Park Reopening Day:

  • Our team has shared dozens of photos from their trip to Disneyland! Check out our photo tour of all the excitement happening at the park today.
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