Gymnast Suni Lee Profiled in ELLE’s Ongoing Modern Heroine Series

In recognition of Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, ELLE is turning the spotlight on real life heroines who share the values of courage and kindness, much like Disney's beloved princesses. The Modern Heroines series kicked off in August and now ELLE is celebrating a new trailblazer.

(Celeste Sloman/ELLE)

(Celeste Sloman/ELLE)

What’s Happening:

  • As part of the “Modern Heroines” campaign, ELLE and Disney are focusing on real-life heroes and heroines who embody the courage and kindness of the beloved Disney Princess characters.
  • Available now online and featured in the March 2022 issue, ELLE is profiling “Modern Heroines” who dream fearlessly and inspire future generations to create a better world.
  • This month ELLE’s Modern Heroines include:
    • Sunisa "Suni" Lee (The Strong-Willed Gymnast)
  • In the profile Suni talks about the stress and uncertainty that accompanied the 2020 Olympic delay. She’s worked her entire life for the opportunity and at times it felt like she might not get her chance. Not to mention COVID was close to home as she lost an aunt and uncle to the virus.
  • In addition to Lee, ELLE has celebrated eleven other Modern Heroines and will continue to launch new profiles monthly through April 2022. So stay tuned!

Modern Heroines on their Favorite Princesses:

  • Suni Lee on Mulan: “I just loved Mulan—she was super powerful and knew what she wanted. I could relate, because I always knew that I wanted to go to the Olympics.”

Other Modern Heroines:

  • ELLE’s “Modern Heroines” series launched in August during World Princess Week with four women featured in the first group of heroines:
    • Eva Longoria (Jasmine): The Generous Multihyphenate
    • Misty Copeland (Belle): The Graceful Dancer
    • Amanda Nguyen (Mulan): The Brave Justice-Seeker
    • Padma Lakshmi (Tiana): The Tenacious Foodie
  • In September ELLE profiled two new heroines:
    • Naomi Osaka (Mulan): The Powerful Athlete
    • Josie Totah (Jasmine): The Spirited Trailblazer
  • For November the focus was on:
  • December and January Celebrated:
    • Alyssa Carson (Jasmine): The Self-Assured Future Astronaut
    • Chai Vasarhelyi (Mulan): The Courageous Director
  • February Highlighted:
    • Reshma Saujani (The Brave Advocate)
    • Halima Aden (The Self-Made Model)