What’s Wait is Longer than the Subs?


The answer, the Anaheim City Council making a decision.  I am ticked.  The Anaheim City Council is delaying their decision again!  I can't believe they are falling for this delay tactic.  It's not SunCal nor Disney's job to come up with a compromise.  It is the city council's job to make decisions.  And if you are confident that a compromise will be reached, then repeal the previous action and let them work it out.  This is ridiculous.  Are we just going to delay until the housing is built?  Let's make a decision and move on our lives.  Shame on you Anaheim City Council….

Studio Entertainment: Roving Mars was release on DVD today.  This IMAX documentary got an extremely limited release, because of its large cinema format.  But nearly everyone has a DVD player so this makes the film more accessible.  Disney has a long relationship with space exploration.  From "Man in Space" on the Disneyland anthology show to Rocket to the Moon to Mission to Mars(the attraction and the film) to Mission Space.  So many Disney fans are space fans as well, myself included, so I look forward to getting the DVD. 

Media Networks: Future Disney Legend, Robin Roberts announced on Good Morning America that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I am not going to tell you about it, for she has posted her story in her own words,  Robin is a great asset to the Walt Disney Company.  She is a true broadcaster.  Personable and gentile while being well rounded.  Her appearance at the Walt Disney Company shareholder meeting was a nice touch, and I still have fond memories of her hosting SportsCenter.  I wish her the best. 

Consumer Products: Business Week released its scorecard of top 100 global brands and Disney ranked ninth, down one spot.  Since we are in a politcal mood, I say we start a campaign.  Disney should be number one.  DOWN WITH COKE!!!  At least I bet business week won't keep delaying their list.  Magazines tend to stick to their schedule.