Chef Mickey's, Monsters and a Double Feature (September 4)

There aren't very many restaurants on WDW property that I've never been to, and after today there's one fewer. Today for lunch we made our first visit to Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary. Some observations…

  • The seating area is larger than I thought. Much of it hidden under the Monotrail track (duh!)
  • We got there towards the end of the lunch service so that's a factor, but we saw the characters a lot! Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto were there and each came around 2-3 times.
  • The food was better than I expected. I little bit better than most character meals.
  • Lots of renovation going on at the Contemporary aside from the building going up next door. Some of the lobby is behind walls as is most of the open area in the 4th floor Grand Canyon Concourse. We'll have pics in our next WDW Update.

From there we headed to the Magic Kingdom to see the newly updated Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. The animation inside the theater has been changed and improved. It is definitely more interesting visually now. I also continue to be (pleasantly) surprised at how much the guests seem to get a kick out of the show. Afterwards we poked our heads into the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique location under the castle which is now in soft openings (again – pictures soon). Then we stepped behind the Castle where Rebekah pointed to the windows on the Castle that are a part of the Castle suite. She then described what it's like there from the inside. She can do that – she's been inside. I haven't. Lucky girl!

But that's enough Disney for way day because a double feature was awaiting us at home. To accommodate our good buddy Dave who wanted to watch the film Dave on our Slingbox, we decided to DVD it. First was newly released Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams (which Kirby reviewed here). I know but I'm not the target audience but I've somewhat enjoyed similar titles like Cinderella 2. But this one was not so good. Next was the classic Escape to Witch Mountain starring Kim Richards. I can't believe it took me this late into my life until I saw this film. As 70s Disney films go this was  pretty good one. The two young stars are so likeable. I'm looking forward to seeing the sequel.

With the conclusion of that we switched to the Angels game (no longer Disney owned) and concluded another great Disney day!




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