Probably not. 

But in any case, I am back from my vacation!

I'll get back to my regular updates on Monday but I thought I would share some videos I found on the web that I thought were interesting.

1. This clip on You Tube is of Stitch and the gang doing Were all in this Together from High School Musical.  The video quality is not the best and I can't figure out where this clip is from.  But it is very cute and fun.

2. The new National Treasure: Book of Secrets trailer is available.  I am very excited about this film.  It seems to have the same balance of action/adventure and tounge-in-cheek humor that made the original so priceless.  Hopefully it will live up to my expectations.

3. At you can see a trailer for a new short form series called Trenches.(Beware: It is a little scary).  Trenches is produced and directed by Shane Felux, creator of the internet phenomenon "Star Wars: Revelations" and the award-winning short "Pitching Lucas" (as chosen by George Lucas and audiences around the world).  It will be a series that airs soley on the web.  This is a big step since Bob Iger feels that folks will be spending more time around their computer than their TV.

4. A hidden gem I discovered is's new daily show, "Start Now".  If you like the irreverant humor of the Laughingplace Podcast you will like this new web show.  If you don't like the Laughingplace Podcast you might like it anyway.  It is a fun look at ABC and since, as good Disney fans, you need to keep tabs on the goings on at ABC, you might as well do it in a fun way.

5. Finally, if you want to see the dark side of the internet video revolution check out this clip.  During ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast's they will broadcast fan videos as part of their "Rowdy Fans" segment.  Hopefully football fans from across the country will do better than the example Trey Wingo uses or the FCC might cause an injunction.

 Anyways, its good to be back and I'll see you all, real soon!



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