Now that the writer's strike is over I can shave my strike beard and resume my attempts at regular posts. But I want to go the route of Touchstone's Blossom and have a very special blog post today… One that recognizes my best friends, Doobie and Rebekah.

Doobie and Rebekah, the owners of and all around good guys, have been my best friends for about seven years, and while they probably would hate me posting about them, they do deserve this lame attempt at a tribute.

My friendship with Doobie reminds me of how I feel Frank and Ollie were. We don't even have to say half of our jokes because we know each other are thinking of the same joke at the exact same time.

Rebekah is like the big sister I never had, but deperatley needed. She takes care of me when I need it and is selfless with her "sistering".

Both of their compassion, values, and humor have enriched my life and made me a better person. I am honored and privaleged to have them in my life.

The point of this tribute is that as Disney fans, we have a unique community. Disney brought the three of us together. And while I love Disney, it is not as important to me as my friends.

Thanks Doobie and Rebekah for 7 magical years! I loke forward to the next 50.