So I am 7 for 23 when it comes to my Oscar predictions. (Somehow I forgot to pick a winner in Best Art Direction).  If this was baseball I would be batting in the majors with an average of .304 and that is how I choose to look at it.  It is a lot better than looking at it as if I were in high school and I got a 30% on a test.  I am proud to be a major leaguer and am proud of Disney's 7 Academy  Awards.  I am also proud of ABC for delivering a stellar broadcast.  But what was up with the bee from Dreamwork's Bee Movie presenting the Oscar for Best Animated Short.  Was Remy not available?  Doesn't Disney have any pull?  I also enjoyed seeing Pushing Daisies' Kristin Chenoweth do a fun rendition of, "That's How You Know" from Enchanted, even if the song got robbed from getting the award.  Finally, props to Brad Bird for thanking my hero, Dick Cook, in his acceptance speach.  It is about time more former monorail drivers got their due at the Oscars.