I got this from my friends at SOAR:

The Save Our Anaheim Resort (SOAR) steering committee today called upon Anaheim City Council members to show their overwhelming support for the Resort District this coming Tuesday and move forward with adopting the SOAR initiative.

"At our SOAR steering committee this morning, the overwhelming consensus was that the city council should adopt the initiative now," said SOAR Co-Chair Todd Ament. "We're looking for the council to make a strong statement of their unwavering support for the long-term preservation of the Resort District."

Private polling conducted for SOAR has consistently shown voter support levels above 80 percent for key provisions of the SOAR initiative. When asked whether "voter approval should be required to change Anaheim Resort District Boundaries," 81 percent agreed. When asked whether "voter approval should be required before the city council can make major changes to the General Plan policies for the Anaheim Resort District," 84 percent agreed.

"There is overwhelming support for the SOAR initiative in this community," Ament continued. "Membership in SOAR is just shy of 10,000 Anaheim residents today (9,919) and it is growing daily. And there is a good reason why so many people have joined to support the Resort Preservation effort; every resident of Anaheim benefits from the $100 million in annual revenues the Resort is generating. When less than 5 percent of your city generates more than 50 percent of your tax revenues, you need to protect that area.

"The SOAR steering committee, representing neighborhoods from across Anaheim, believes that the city council should support the protection of the Anaheim Resort and approve the SOAR initiative," Ament added. "We'll be at the city council on Tuesday night pushing for a YES vote for adoption and we will be looking for a strong statement of support from this council."

Quick Takes:

Media Networks: ABC announced the launch of Stage 9 Digital Media a studio designed to create original content for the internet.  Their premiere show, "Squeegees" premiered today on ABC.com and YouTube.  This is not the first attempt by ABC to create an original series for the internet.  The unwatchable, "Voicemail" announced a second season that will also fall under the Stage 9 umbrella. Bob Iger's ABC is once again leading the way when it comes to embracing the digital revolution.  I don't know if this will succeed, but I presume the other networks will once again follow ABC's lead just like they did with iTunes and ABC.com's broadband episode player.  My suggestion to make Squeegees a success: Have Miley Cyrus make a cameo.

Studio Entertainment: Disney announced they will be filming "Step Up 3: Revenge of the Sith" in Digital 3D.  Once again Disney is having another 3D milestone by releasing their first Touchstone Pictures 3D film.  Will they still brand it "Disney Digital 3D"? or will they use my suggested tag line of "Sp close you can Touch(stone)'.  I wonder if a PG-13 3D flick will do as well as the family freindly fare that has found success.  My suggestion, have Miley Cyrus make a cameo.

Consumer Products: Disney Interactive Studios announced that their Fall Line Studio, which is tasked with creating games for the Nintendo DS and the Wii, will be releasing "Ultimate Band", an attempt to join the rock star video game craze band wagon (pun intended).  Disney hopes they found a niche by releasing the first game in the genre that is designed for budding rock stars of all ages.  My suggestion, have Miley Cyrus make a cameo.

Video of the Day: Take a peek inside the Disneyland Dream Suite in the latest Disneyland Resort Video Podcast.  No, Miley Cyrus does not make a cameo.