Disney's ESPN announced that they will start producing films.  I would like to start off by saying, "DUH", after the success Disney had with Remember the Titans, The Rookie, and Miracle, why wouldn't ESPN get in to film production.  Secondly, I would like to say, I called it.  On some podcast I said we would be getting ESPN branded films, and score one for me.  Thirdly, why didn't the Worldwide Leader in Sports announce this new endeavor at ESPN: The Weekend.  It seems that would have been the perfect opportunity.  Well I would like to offer my suggestions for ESPN's premiere slate:

Is it Cooler?: A Michael Moore-esque documentary examing if various highlights are actually cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Hola: The story of Scott Van Pelt, the man that got drafted from ESPN to ESPN Deportes in the expansion draft despite the fact he didn't speak a world of Spanish, and how he came back to SportsCenter speaking fluent French.

Believe: The animated adventures of the Rally Monkey and how he lead the 2002 Anaheim Angels to the World Series.  The story of a special monkey that started going to some games to hang out and talk about bananas, and ended up doing what Mo Vaughn couldn't. 

Quick Takes:

Media Networks: ABC is finally joining the High School Musical craze by developing a High School Musical reality show to air this summer.  Now High School Musical 2 got higher ratings than some ABC programming, I'm talking to you According to Jim, so it is no surprise ABC might want to try and boost its normally awful summer lineup with some Disney Channel Star power and promote the theatrical High School Musical 3 in the process.  The only question is, will they watch?

Parks and Resorts: New Disney Dollars, commemorating Mickey's upcoming 80th birthday are now available.  The Disney currency features Mickey in various eras on $1s, $5s, and $10s.  And the back features artwork by Charles Boyer, a man that has done more work since he retired than he ever did when he worked for Disney.

Consumer Products: Internet buzz has started about Cars 2 and for some reason everyone is shocked.  They talk about how Cars was not Pixar's best performing film, and they wonder why Disney would greenlight a sequel.  The answer is consumer prodcuts.  Cars is doing very well in the merchandise department, and Disney is doing everything it can, from building Carsland at DCA to creating an online virtual Cars world, to keep the franchise alive.  I have no doubt if and when Cars 2 is released, it will outperform the original.  That film has built up some steam.

Video of the Day: The finalist for the Disney CMO (Chief Magic Official) have been anounced.  And while I am not ready to endorse a canidate, I did want to share one of the videos as my video of the day