So with Camp Rock premiering a few weeks ago, we can take a step back and look at its success.  Across the U.S. and Canada, Camp Rock reached a staggering 22.4 Million Unique Total Viewers, with more than 21.0 million in the U.S. alone. It was the week's No. 1 TV Show in Kids 6–11 and Tweens 9¬–14, and Friday's debut of Camp Rock is the fourth-most-watched entertainment TV program overall. It was cable's most-watched entertainment telecast of the 2007–08 season and ranks No. 1 overall in Tweens 9–14.  When it aired on ABC, it was the top Saturday entertainment program in six years.  The streaming of Camp Rock on Disney XD doubled the previous one-day Disney XD streaming record.  So with all of these records broken, is there any question why they green lit a sequel?  I hope that in the next installment they include more of the Jonas Brothers as well as another great cameo by The Trash Can!

Quick Takes:

Parks and Resorts: We went to Downtown Disney West Side today and we noticed something new… They had entertainment.  There were street performers as well as a cousin of Push the talking trash can from Tomorrowland.  I don’t know when this started, but I wonder if this is a reaction to Pleasure Island closing.  By having entertainment throughout Downtown Disney, the importance the entertainment Pleasure Island provided is downplayed. 

Studio Entertainment: The website for Beverly Hills Chihuahua is live.  One thing that is interesting, besides the ability to view the site in Spanish, is the disclaimer at the bottom of the site: “Owning a dog is a major responsibility.  Dogs require daily care and constant attention.  Before anyone decides to bring a dog into their family, they should research the particular breed to make sure it is suitable for their particular situation, and should learn about and be willing to undertake serious responsibilities of dog care.   There are many great websites you can visit for further information including the ASPCA.”  Is it just me or should there be a “the” between “undertake” and “serious”.  In any case, the disclaimer doesn’t change when you decide to “ver sitio en Espanol”.  Apparently, only English speaking guests need to be warned.   

Consumer Products: has a promotion where if you spend $75 you get two tickets to go see WALL-E.  The only challenge is finding $75 worth of stuff I want to buy from the site.  Sigh.

Disney Interactive Media:  Darkmane, “a super-villain dedicated to devising ingenious schemes to topple the X Games and vaporize originality once and for all” has created a Myspace page to promote his evil agenda.  Is this type of marketing the way of the future?  I hope not.

What to Watch: If, on the other hand, you enjoy Extreme Sports, you can watch an Extremely Goofy Movie on the Disney Channel at 7/6 central.  You might make Darkmane angry…but are you really scared by an evil villain with a Myspace page?

Video of the Day: The Walt Disney World Moms Panel, has a new video that discusses on how to enjoy the magic without kids.  My question is, doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of having a Moms panel.

News from Around the Web:

ABC News:  Robin Roberts interviewed Vanessa Hudgens regarding her new solo album “Identified”.  She also talks about High School Musical 3 and her fellow HSM Stars.  I know we all have jokes swirling through our heads so pick your favorite and insert it here. 

NY Times: The New York Times is reporting that American Airlines is going to lay-off 7,000 employees as it cuts its schedule and grounds planes.  This is the latest report of flight reductions that could potentially affect Disney.  While Disney might be resilliant to a down-turn in the ecomony, if guests can’t get to Anaheim and Orlando or if it is unaffordable to do so, we may see attendance start to drop.

USA Today: When you visit the parks this summer, it is important to avoid dehydration.  USA Today has a few tips.  I know one that I will never forget: “Monitor urine color, which should look more like lemonade than apple juice.”  Good to know, thanks USA Today.    

LA Times: The LA Times has a blog post in their Daily Travel & Deal Blog discussing the Little Mermaid attraction that will soon be built at Disney’s California Adventure.  The blogger does share something with Doobie though.  It’s not a love for Disney, but a strong-dislike of Whoppi Goldberg, who the blogger described as his least-favorite actress.  So Doobie, you are not alone.  Brady MacDonald is just like you.

Orlando Sentinel: Walt Disney World found a loophole in a new law that permits workers who have a concealed-weapons permit to keep weapons in their cars.  There is an exemption that applies to companies that have permits for explosives.  Disney has these permits because of the fireworks Disney launches on a daily basis.  Therefore, Disney is continuing their zero-tolerance policy for anyone that brings a gun to work.  But I have to wonder, does this apply to Jungle Cruise boats? 

Variety: Variety takes a look at the ratings for Tuesday night.  Wipeout remained strong in its second week, even though I didn’t watch its second episode.  Also ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager had the highest ratings for a series premiere with 2.82 million viewers.  It was also the most watched show on cable at the 8 o’clock hour.