Let the promotion begin… 

The first look at High School Musical 3: Senior Year will premiere on Disney Channel Sunday night and will be on Disney.com July 14th at 12:01 ET.  I wonder if there was some debate as to where this trailer will premiere.  I am sure ABC would have loved to show it on their High School Musical: Get in the Picture reality show which is debuting next week.  I also bet the studios could have reated even more buzz around WALL-E by releasing it with that movie.  But in the end, the trailer will premiere where it all began, on Disney Channel. 

That is the right thing to do.  This Disney Channel created franchise has helped every division of Disney, except maybe ESPN.  It is good that everyone else step’s back and throws Disney Channel a bone by letting them have the first shot.  The studios already “stole” the franchise away by making the third film theatrical.  In the end though, I think it shows how well the divisions of Disney work together. 

 As Bob likes to say, the executives’ stock options are in The Walt Disney Company and not in their individual divisions.  It is in everyone’s best interest to work together to maximize the potential of every Disney franchise. 

Quick Takes:

Media Networks: Speaking of High School Musical, click here to get some behind the scenes shots of ABC’s High School Musical: Get in the Picture.  I noticed that the audition took place in Long Beach.  Is this Disney’s way of making up for canceling Port Disney?  It looks like more people were at the audition than are normally at DCA.

Parks and Resorts: Speaking of High School Musical, the High School Musical 2: School’s Out show will be replaced by a High School Musical 3 show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s California Adventure.  While this may seem like a natural thing to do, the original idea was to replace the show with more family friendly shopping and dining. 

Consumer Products: Speaking of High School Musical, DisneyShopping.com has a variety of High School Musical merchandise available.  I know I can’t wait to get my High School Musical ribbed tank top, my High School Musical tiered knit dress, and my High School Musical heart tote in the mail.  I am giddy. 

Interactive Media:  Speaking of High School Musical, I picked up my copy of High School Musical 2: Work This Out! For my Nintendo DS.  It is a fun little game, but it has a neat feature.  You can listen to all the songs from High School Musical 2, even when my DS is closed.  Cool, huh?

What to Watch: Saturday night, The Wonderful World of Disney will present Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.  I actually really enjoyed this film so you might want to check it out.     

Video of the Day: Here is a preview of High School Musical: Get in the Picture.  Watch contestants try for their chance of a lifetime or at least this summer television season. 

News from Around the Web:

ABC News:  ABC News has a video report on water parks and includes Disney’s Blizzard Beach. 

NY Times: Former Disney suitor Comcast was admonished by the FCC for restricting access to BitTorrent sites, where users can swap videos, because it was clogging up their network.  While I don’t agree with restricting access, I do despise file sharing as it violates intellectual property rights.

USA Today: In a USA Today blog, Rita Rubin examines the link between obesity and environment that many believe the movie WALL-E relies on.    Now Rita has not seen the film so perhaps she isn’t the best person to talk about this.  But in any case, I now declare that this topic has been talked about too much and it is time to stop and move on to whether Chihuahuas can actually sing and dance. 

LA Times: The LA Times has a report on Star Wars: The Clone Wars being previewed for television critics during their press tour.  While there were rumors Disney was in the running to air this series, Warners won.  However Disney and Star Wars are still close as Star Wars Weekend attendees got a sneak peak.  I can’t wait to see the whole thing for myself. 

Orlando Sentinel: A Disney cast member group called Encore will be performing at Epcot’s World ShowPlace July 23-25.  The show will raise money for United Arts of Central Florida.  The show is open to the public.    

Variety: There is now talk that because of the interest generated by WALL-E, there might be a revival of Hello Dolly on Broadway.  I only have one request.  Whatever you do… DO NOT BRING BACK MICHAEL CRAWFORD.