All I have to say is WOW!  I am so excited for D23 that I cant remember anything else discussed at the meeting today.  I had a chance to talk to some of the folks behind D23 and I have full faith in them based on their replies.  This isnt going to be another Disneyana Convention, Disney Magazine, or Disney Club.  This will be better than all of that, because it is being run by fans.  I mean, I have no doubt they will have their bumps, but the look in their eyes while they discussed the club let you know that they want this to be something special.  You can also see how much fun they are having bringing this club to you.

Dont worry you favorite websites and Disney fan clubs wont be going anywhere.  The club is meant to compliment them by being the official Disney connection to the fans.  I am so excited.  Forget about the Path to 9/11, the new names of the Disney ships and the clip they showed of Princess and the Frog.  D23 was the real story of the meeting.  I cant wait to see this develop.  By the way, Disney stock was up today.  I credit D23.