Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie’s Masquerade

Minnie and the gang are getting ready for a costume ball. As you would expect Minnie plans to attend as a princess and Mickey is going as her prince. Mickey and Minnie make their own crowns decorating them with various shapes hearts, triangles, and squares.

I appreciated the homemade style costumes some of the characters wear. In addition to the Mice making their own crowns, Goofy as a knight was simply wearing a bucket on his head with a feather sticking out, a washboard on his chest as a breastplate, a towel as a cape, dishwashing gloves and kneepads to reflect the style of a suit of armor. Hopefully their examples will inspire closet raids for many imaginative play dress-up parties. To help spark the dress-up fun, the DVD includes a simple paper mask kids can decorate for their own costume. One side is sparkly pinks, blues and purples while the other side is simply black and white for complete personalization. Additional masks can be downloaded at the dvd’s site


In addition to the mini-lesson in shapes Minnie’s Masquerade explores sorting — they have to sort a pile of shoes to find Goofy’s missing shoe and pattern identification when they finish the party decorations placing paper lanterns in the color sequence — orange, pink, and purple.

Also included in the dvd are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes — A Surprise for Minnie, Secret Spy Daisy, The Friendship Team and Minnie’s Mouseke-Calendar (a personal favorite) where you learn the days of the week when a strong wind blows apart Minnie’s calendar and the gang must help her piece it back together.  (Check out clips from the dvd here)

Minnie’s Mousequerade includes the Discovery Mode feature – an interactive “Watch & Play” feature on the DVD. Using either the DVD remote or Disney’s special Mickey Mote kids can answer a variety of questions that pop-up during an episode. Discovery Mode features include two levels of play, which provides more challenging questions as the child grows. This title is available packaged with or without the Mickey Mote. We have explored the ease of setting up the Mickey Mote in a previous review (link). There are now more than 11 titles that feature Discovery Mode and can be used with the Mickey Mote.

And if you have a budding artist you can slip the DVD cover off the case and flip it over to reveal the dvd design in a simple black & white allowing your little artist to create their own cover.

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I received the Mickey Mote and DVD for review. All opinions are my own.

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