The Tribeca Film Festival hosted a Tribeca Family Festival, with a strong presence from the Disney Company; ESPN, Radio Disney, and Disney’s “MIllion Dollar Arm” pitching contest.  The festival was a one day affair, spanning seven city blocks.

ESPN took one block, and had 36 exhibitors, all of which were local sports organizations, including all of NYC’s professional teams.
Across the avenue, the pitching contest, linked to Disney’s new film, “Million Dollar Arm” took up an entire block. Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland hosted the same contest, yesterday and today. The contest is simple enough; be one of the top 3 fastest pitchers at your location, and you and a guest get flown to the final contest, in Hollywood CA.
Contestants ranged from those just looking to have fun, to those who could really put some heat on it!  All contestants start by filling out a release form, including contact information. Then your ID was checked, to ensure that you are both a legal resident, and over 18 years.  You are given a wristband and then head down to the throwing cages.  There were 3 cages for warm ups, but just one cage to throw your 3 fastest pitches!  There was a sizable crowd looking on, but I was disappointed that the speeds weren’t posted for the crowd to see, as I feel it would’ve incited more cheering and energy from the onlookers.
Good Luck to all the finalists!
As a bonus… here are some pictures Dave Mastanich took from the Disneyland Resort’s pitching contest.


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