Disneyland’s Alice in Wonderland attraction reopened to the public on Thursday, July 3rd after a lengthy refurbishment. The original version of the attraction dates to 1958, and was last given a major update in 1982. For 2014 Alice in Wonderland was given interior enhancements and new safety features on the exterior.

Inside, guests will note a series of projections that bring more animation to selected scenes. Spinning objects now circle guests as they “fall down the rabbit hole.” Through the door, the White Rabbit can be seen, pursued by Alice. In the Garden of Living Flowers blooms unfurl as insects flit among the leaves. While painting the roses red, paint is “splashed” onto the hedges. The croquet scene is enhanced with a whimsically animated hedgehog.

Flying cards now back up the Queen of Hearts, and guards in the form of cards try to prevent guests from “escaping” the attraction. After descending the exterior, guests are no longer greeted by the disembodied head of the Cheshire Cat, but rather by a corridor filled with cheerfully whistling teakettles.

Two entirely new figures of Alice herself grace the attraction. The first can be found in the Garden of Living Flowers, reacting to the Cheshire Cat. The second is in the Mad Tea Party, sipping tea and turning to follow guests as they make their way past in their caterpillars.

The exterior of the attraction is the biggest change. The simple series of leaves that formed the ramp for the slow descent of the caterpillar vehicles has been dramatically expanded in size. In addition, low curbs have been added to the front and a railing has been added to the back. These have been woven into the original decoration of the attraction through the use of leaves and tendrils. The caterpillars follow the same path, although their surroundings have changed drastically.