It’s now been over four months since I last set foot in a Disney park. To say that I’m jonesing for a fix would be an understatement at this point. However, my brain has recently informed me that it’s confused as to just which resort it want to visit most.

The most logical place for my next trip would be Walt Disney World. First, Florida is technically within driving distance — about 2/3 of the drive a trip to California would take. Secondly, I have friends in Orlando who I could not only hang out with but also (hopefully) stay with. Plus, I have a feeling my wife would most appreciate a trip here because she used to work at the resort before I rudely whisked her away to Los Angeles… and then Missouri.

For those reasons, it may seem like a no-brainer to just go WDW. However, as you should probably know if you’re a Disney fan, Disneyland kicked off their Diamond Celebration just one week ago and introduced not one, not two, but three new entertainment offerings to the park. Considering that I still call DL my home resort, it’s more or less ludicrous that I haven’t seen any of these yet. My only defense is that I do have plans to go to Disneyland in August. I guess just having that in the back of my mind has proven enough to keep me biting the bullet and driving the 24 hours it takes to get to Anaheim.

Until about a week ago, I was content with just those two options. But then something happened to me: I remembered about Tokyo Disneyland. OK, it’s not like a really forgot about it, but then I @dldocumentary on Twitter as he visited for the first time. If that weren’t enough, I then discovered the TDR Explorer podcast and so now I’m officially dying to return to Japan. It also doesn’t help that I’ve had to reread my Tokyo chapters from my upcoming book over and over (shameless plug).

So the question is, if I could be in any Disney resort right now, which would it be? Even as I’m typing this I’m still not sure. While we’re at it, I’ve never been to Paris or Hong Kong so, if I have some magical free trip anywhere, maybe I should consider cashing it in to experience one of those.

Unfortunately, the only way to solve this for now is to just stop thinking about it. I’m sure I’ll get to all of them in good time and, as I mentioned, I do have Disneyland to look forward to in August. But still I have to ask: Where would you choose?