This week’s short post is to serve as PSA: Suburban Legends have a new album out! If you’re not familiar, Suburban Legends are a ska band from Orange County, CA that frequently perform at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace. Unlike other in-park acts like Scot Bruce or the Mad T Party band, SL perform original songs in addition to their awesomely fun covers.

Forever in the Friend Zone was released on Tuesday following a Kickstarter campaign late last year to help produce the album. After exploring pop and funk earlier in the decade, Friend Zone follows their all-ska initiative that’s come with their last few releases Going on Tour EP , Day Job, and Dreams Aren’t Real, but These Songs Are.  Their last two albums also saw the long anticipated release of the band’s stellar Disney covers. In fact, all of the tracks on Dreams Aren’t Real are ska-versions of Disney classic… and the Ducktales theme.

In addition to the new tracks, this album also contains a couple of older SL tracks redone with a new sound as well as a cover of Thank You for Being a Friend — AKA the theme to The Golden Girls. However, my highlight from the album is the first single and the title track that not only serves to sum up this album but much of the sensibility and sound of the band in general. While the band hasn’t made an actual video for the song yet, they did make a lyric video. Unfortunately, it contains a couple of grammatical errors that probably won’t bother you as much as they do me.

If you haven’t heard it, Dreams Aren’t Real is probably the best starting place for any Disney fan to get into this band. It’s hard to choose a favorite from that album, but their take on Colors of the Wind is impressive, especially considering that I don’t even really care for the film its from. After that, I’d recommend the bands EP Dance Like Nobody’s Watching as far as next steps.

It probably goes without saying, but you’re ever in Disneyland while Suburban Legends are playing, make every effort you can to see at least one set of there. They’re high energy live shows not only attract die hard ska and punk fans but also draw in younger kids and toddlers who just want to dance… No, seriously, there is always at least a couple of small children losing their minds whenever they play at Tomorrowland Terrace. When you watch the band’s choreographed bits and listen to their infectious tracks, you’ll understand why they’ve commanded excited crowds at the resort for over 10 years now.

You can get Suburban Legends new record Forever in the Friend Zone on iTunes or from their site. Be sure to come back next week for another edition of The E-Ticket Life blog!