Dear reader,

One year ago tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of this very blog (yay!). In that time, a lot has happened in the world of Disney as well as in my personal life and it was so wonderful having a weekly sounding board to share my thoughts, jokes, and stories on.

Undoubtedly my biggest accomplishment of the past year was releasing my book, the name of which might sound a bit familiar: The E-Ticket LifeThe feedback I’ve received from so many of you on social media or at the D23 Expo has been really heartwarming and very much appreciated. Thank you all so much for supporting these projects of mine.

Speaking of projects, my role here at LaughingPlace has also grown over the past year and I am pleased to say that I should hopefully be writing more pieces for the site aside from my weekly column. Additionally, FanBoy and Doobie have asked me to help lead the search for Laughing Place Press to acquire some other Disney fan books for publication. Since announcing our open submissions, I have already read some terrific proposals and could not be more excited for some of the projects in development.

I’m actually away at a wedding in New Jersey today but wanted to stop in to acknowledge this milestone and thank you all again for sticking with me on this journey — I truly hope the past year of your life has been an E-Ticket for you as well.

-Kyle Burbank

PS: The artwork that accompanied my first post (seen below) was actually drawn by Ashley O’Neill to accompany my original book proposal. We also considered it for the cover but were worried about copyright — fun fact!