Thor’s journey as a hero has always been more interesting than his actual exploits and one-sided victories. The first Thor film explored his worthiness; the second, his commitment to Asgard. The new teaser trailer for Thor Ragnarok that dropped at today’s Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con 2017 hints at a new character arc for the Norse god, maybe even dropping a few too many…

The tone and display of the new sneak peek are consistent with a flashier approach to the franchise. Think Guardians of the Galaxy with the edgy music, visuals and quick wit. The cinematic Thor has always been fun, even funny, but the exchanges in this trailer suggest a more clever approach to the dialogue and character interactions. Gone, it would seem, are the Shakespearian meters and formal speak, replaced with banter that should engage and entertain. Also gone is the retro-rock video feel–no Led Zepplin this time around. In its place, an electronic backer track gives the preview good energy and compliments the promise of high action. (Mark Mothersbaugh, formerly of the 1980’s band, Devo, composed the films soundtrack. You may be familiar with his scores for director Wes Anderson. [And will he work the harpsichord into it, somehow?])

Similar to the first trailer, Thor narrates his situation, this time to a post-brawl Bruce Banner. Thor has lost his hammer (unworthiness, or just, like, he misplaced it?) and sees that in order to defeat Hela, the goddess of death, that he’ll have to put together a team. But not the old team, a new team. Well, mostly new. Hulk joins the fight for Asgard, as well as the Executioner—a hairless Karl Urban!

Unsurprisingly, Loki is back on the team, too. Well, it should be a surprise. Why does Thor need to solicit his adopted brother, yet again, especially since we know that Loki was responsible for the Old Father’s disappearance in the last go around? Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see Loki wielding his manipulative machinations, but does Thor really need to go back to him time and again? Hopefully the film will suss this out.

Also, and I know this isn’t director Taika Watiti’s fault, but the Marvel Studio marketing department needs to stop showing all the major plot points in their trailers! This one is no different than all the other recent blockbuster previews that are dropping too much information about the plot and its resolution on an audience that wants to pay to find out what may happen to their favorite hero. Why are they giving it away for free? Do they think that people will stay away from the theaters if they believe that Thor might lose to his enemy? I can’t think of a good reason for continuing the patronizing trend of showing act one, two and three plot points, as well as their resolution, all in the preview trailer. I hope this practice will soon end. Hollywood—call me. We need to talk.

Last but not least—Hulk talks, and quite well! Will this be a lead up to his own, Hulk-as-Hulk and not Bruce-as-Hulk film? I should hope so. Until then, I am very much encouraged by the practice of including multiple Marvel characters from across diverse titles. It makes these single character movie titles feel more like a grand spectacle, more like an Avenger film instead of a Thor film. Or an Avenger film instead of a Captain America film. That aspect, Marvel has done right.

Despite my misgivings about the preview’s spilled secrets, look for me at the first showing. I’ll be sitting front and center dressed up as Loki for the premiere. With any luck, there will still be plenty of surprises the teaser has not divulged.