Welcome back to our annual Mouse Madness tournament! This year, our champion will take home the title of best film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe…so far. We’re looking at 16 of the 18 films (sorry Hulk and Spidey) to determine which story is better than the rest.

Well it looks like the under-ant packs a powerful punch. Beating Iron Man 3 with 66% of the vote, Ant-Man managed to crawl away with the win. Will he be able to hold his own in Round 3? Stay tuned to see what happens!

Wait a minute. The Avengers are taking sides? That can’t be good, but it does make for an entertaining story. Called the best non-Avengers Avengers film, Civil War sees the team falling apart over the U.N. written Sokovia Accords. Cap is confident in his stance that the less oversight from the government the better. In challenger Black Panther’s film we learn about more about the hidden country, Wakanda where the world’s supply of vibranium is protected and used in incredible ways. Black Panther’s sister designs a suit using the stuff that fits in a necklace and stores the energy from each hit he takes to use as a counter attack.

Who do you side with? Vote now:

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we reveal the winner of today’s poll and continue onward through our bracket to crown the best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe champion!



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