Disney Junior’s newest show, Muppet Babies will premiere this week and offers a brand new take on the original animated series from the 80s and 90s. The series focuses on Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal along with new Muppet, Summer Penguin—and surprise special guests throughout the season. Together they use their imaginations to go on exciting adventures and learn about friendship and facing their fears.

Muppet Babies is adorable. It’s just flat out cute. Right away we’re welcomed to join the fun with an energetic (and lengthy) theme song that promises the next half hour is going to be to a blast. The pilot consists of two mini episodes, Sir Kermit the Brave and Animal Fly Airplane that take place at the Muppets’ preschool.

In Sir Kermit the Brave, Miss Nanny is looking for a missing sweater. The Muppets hear a dragon in the closet she’s searching and decide they should check it out. With their combined, colorful, and funny imaginations they learn about teamwork and how to handle fear of the dark.

Animal Fly Airplane begins with an art session that gets a little messy when Animal’s airplane art project gets out of hand. The Muppets later imagine they’re on an plane heading to far away Paris. Animal wants to fly, but no one will let him in the cockpit because he’s too wild.

One of the things I liked most about this show is the animation, it’s absolutely stunning and incredibly detailed. While the characters are CGI animated, they are textured to look like real puppets and when they go on their adventures, it’s as if an art project is coming to life. From the playroom at the preschool, to their clothing and hair, each outfit, background, and action is vibrant and colorful. Kids may not realize how intricate the style is, but adults will appreciate the artistry.

Even though this show is made for kids, adults will be able to enjoy it as well, and longtime Muppet fans can introduce their children to characters they already love. The new series is positive, funny, and keeps the essence of the Muppets we already know while giving them a modern upgrade.

Muppet Babies premieres on Friday, March 23rd on Disney Junior.