Marvel Studios has another blockbuster on their hands with Ant-Man and the Wasp, which beat box office expectations during opening weekend. Fans enthralled with the film can carry a piece of it with them wherever they go with the Walt Disney Records release of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Christophe Beck (FrozenThe Muppets) returns as composer for this sequel to 2015’s Ant-Man.

The main themes established in the previous film are repeated here, along with new material that breathes new life into the score. Ant-Man‘s main theme is upbeat and fun, like Scott lang himself. The soundtrack kicks off with some of this theme on a track called “It Ain’t Over Till the Wasp Lady Sings.” It’s peppered throughout the soundtrack as well.

New themes have been added for new characters as well. The themes for Ghost are eerie and ominous, with alarming sounds and percussion on tracks like “Utmost Ghost.” Another great addition is a staccato piano track that is most prominent on a track called “Anthropodie.” It brilliantly plays against the Ant-Man theme. In what I can only assume is a nod to the extinct Disneyland attraction Adventure Through Inner Space, the track for Hank Pym going subatomic is called “Revivification” (instead of “Magnification”).

Similar to the way Marvel Films have a post-credit scene, this soundtrack has one last trick up its sleeve as a final track. It’s called “Baba Yaga Lullaby” by David Dastmalchian. If you’ve seen the film, this track will put a smile on your face.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Ant-Man and the Wasp offers all of the musical themes from the film, along with a fun bonus track. Those looking for a single track that encapsulates all of the music from the film won’t find it on this release, but collecting the first three tracks mentioned in this review will give you a playlist that offers the most important themes from the film. Fans of Christophe Beck and film scores alike will enjoy this release.



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