Tonight, critics and lucky fans were the first to screen Ralph Breaks the Internet and were allowed to share their initial thoughts on social media. While full reviews are still under embargo for a bit longer, it’s always interesting to see what people are thinking as they leave the theatre. However, we should note that these immediate reactions can sometimes prove overly positive when compared to the final consensus.

With all that said, here are some of the first reactions to Ralph Breaks the Internet we’ve seen on social media:

First, we’ll start with what our reviewer Alex thought of the film:

Next, several critics pointed out the humor and heart the film contains:

The film is sure to be packed with Easter Eggs and other visual delights you can gorge yourself on:

Of course, some were quick to mention the already famous Princess scene:

Better than Incredibles 2?

However, not everyone was so sold on the movie:

Or were lukewarm:

Finally, one tweeter had a bold prediction for the film’s performance:

In any case, you can catch Ralph Breaks the Internet when it crashes into theatres November 21st.



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