After more than 50 years, the iconic Mary Poppins is nearing her return as Disney’s aptly titled Mary Poppins Returns flies into theatres December 19th. In anticipation of that occasion, tonight the cast and crew behind the film gathered for the world premiere. Even prior to that, both lucky fans and critics have been able to catch sneak peek screenings of the film. While full reviews are embargoed for a couple more weeks, members of the media were able to share their initial impressions of the movie on social media this evening.

With that, here’s a quick roundup of what critics are saying about Mary Poppins Returns so far:

We start off with the high praise that our own Alex Reif is heaping on the film:

While others might not go quite as far as Alex, the Oscar buzz has begun:

Similarly, others hinted that the movie more or less lived up to its predecessor:

Although, maybe it stays a bit too faithful to the original, said a couple of critics:

Other positive notes called the film “delightful” and, of course, “practically perfect in every way” while also recalling the joy the film displays:

And those weren’t the only words of praise for the cast:

However, not everyone was so blown away. From mixed reviews:

To lukewarm ones:

To, sadly, boredom:

You can see what you think when Mary Poppins Returns opens on December 19th.



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