Long before Kylo Ren, the First Order, and porgs, there was Darth Vader, the Empire and Ewoks. Star Wars is one of the best sagas of all time, and Funko is celebrating the Original Trilogy with the release of Return of the Jedi Pop! Figures. All six figures are available for now for pre-order and are expected to ship in February.

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Return of the Jedi Pop! Figures

Journey to the forest moon of Endor where the battle between the Empire and the rebels is in full force. Ewok village Leia, Endor Han with gun drawn, General Lando, Wicket, Emperor Palpatine channeling a dangerous electric charge and Electrocuted Darth Vader are ready to join your collection.


Ewok Village Leia

After saving Wicket from Stormtroopers, Leia is welcomed with opened arms to the Ewok village. Here’s she’s able to let her hair down (literally) for a while has they plan their next attack. 

Endor Han

Han takes charge on Endor and how can you not love his commitment to the Rebellion? This cool Pop! Figure features Solo holding his gun and looking fearless.

General Lando

Sure that might be Lando’s signature salute, but for all of us Disney nerds, it’s actually an official “Disney point”, right?


Yoda was right, don’t judge someone by their size. This furry little warrior was instrumental in helping the Rebels defeat the Empire.

Emperor Palpatine

Looks like Palpatine is channeling some serious Force lightning as he prepares to unleash an attack on his newest victim.  

Electrocuted Darth Vader

The pull of the Light side is just too strong, and as Darth watches his son suffer, he intervenes taking the full force of the Emperor’s wrath. This Pop! Figures represents Vader’s ultimate sacrifice.