Today, we visit one of my favorite options of Adventureland: the Spring Roll Cart. This unique cart hidden along the walkway past the Jungle Cruise has become one of those “you either know about it or you don’t” places among Annual Passholders, mostly because they often change up the offerings from just the traditional vegetable spring roll to some very flavorful such as the current offerings of Cheeseburger or Pepperoni rolls.

Having only heard of the mythical Cheeseburger Spring Roll and, as a Pepperoni Pizza lover, I had to try one of each. Strangely enough, I and my co-reviewer had opposite feelings on each of the rolls.

Pepperoni Pizza Spring Roll

This was the one I was most excited for but, for me, came up a little short. While it was loaded with pepperoni, it was lacking in the pizza area. While that is a crime to say in some states, to me, it was just okay. The other person I was with said her first bite was all cheese and not much pepperoni and she enjoyed her half a lot.

Cheeseburger Spring Roll

This was much more my style with meat and cheese this was a great little snack very rice in taste. Of course, the other half went to someone who felt it was okay and a bit too greasy — which, to be honest, it was. However, that’s what spring rolls are!

Overall, for $7.50 for two spring rolls that you can mix and match, this is a tasty treat in between the larger meals. Tip: go early because they are handmade, so when they run out, that is it for the day.

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