Book Review: “Unlimited Squirrels in Who is the Mystery Reader?” by Mo Willems

Mo Willems’ newest book series, Unlimited Squirrels, adds a second volume with Unlimited Squirrels in Who is the Mystery Reader? The story uses Willems’ signature large speech bubble style to carry out a conversation between the cast of squirrel characters. For kids who are ready to read it all on their own, they’ll feel pretty special about their “superpower” by the end.

The squirrels have found a red stop sign that they can’t read. Enter the Mystery Reader, an incognito hero who saves the day by reading the sign. After passing out his business card, another squirrel is able to read it and becomes super as well, receiving a mask and underpants just like the Mystery Reader’s!

Throughout the story, Mo Willems adds “Emote-Acorns” in the bottom corner to help kids understand the emotions the squirrels are conveying. These adorable acorns with faces offer emotions like happy, sad, confused, surprised, determined, scared, and funny. Parents and educators can use them to start a discussion with their kids about emotions and how to express them in healthy ways.

Like the first book, the fun doesn’t stop when the main story ends. There are three “Acorn-y Jokes,” a shorter story about “Wonder Squirrel!,” and some educational pages about the history of writing and books called “A Story’s Story,” starring Mo Squirrel, who bears a striking resemblance to Mo Willems. The history part is particularly interesting, even for adults, who will likely learn something knew about the origins of paper and ink.

Kids and parents will have fun together reading the Unlimited Squirrels series, including the latest installment, Unlimited Squirrels in Who is the Mystery Reader? These silly squirrels with unique personalities are sure to put a smile on the face of any reader, young or young at heart.