Earlier this month, ABC Audio launched a new podcast series that goes behind-the-scenes of Frozen 2. During the premiere episode of Inside Frozen 2, a six-part series hosted by ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee, songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez were surprisingly vulnerable as they pulled back the curtain on the creative process.

The interview was more emotional than I expected. Hearing Kristen Anderson-Lopez describing her hope that Kristoff’s ballad “Lost in the Woods” will be heard throughout karaoke bars and help empower expressions of deeply held love, along with her tale of how Coco’s “Remember Me” came to be and the role ice skating played the creative process for Olaf’s “When I Am Older” had me giggling along. Meanwhile, Robert Lopez’s incredibly vulnerable and honest recounting of his deepening respect and admiration for his wife’s talents and role in this professional partnership was soul-warming. I also enjoy the admission of how 16 years of marriage was reflected in Kristoff’s solo.

It was hard not to choke up as the duo recounted the experience of a hospital visit where they saw their “Let It Go” in therapeutic use or to hear about the deeply personal stories that the songwriters drew inspiration from as they crafted the film’s “The Next Right Thing.” They describe the song as reflecting the path of breaking down grief into a series of tiny chores, allowing you to make it through the next minute, hour, day in those challenging times.

Throughout the interview the reality of film making as a collaborative process, not just between the songwriting duo but in conjunction with the film’s writers and the voice talents as well is repeatedly demonstrated in their stories. Plus, with their current (as of the podcast recording) excitement as the final portion of that collaboration, the audience response was palpable.

By the way, it goes without saying but the podcast does discuss some aspects of the film that might be considered spoilers, so tread lightly.

Inside Frozen 2 is now available wherever you find your favorite podcasts — and Frozen 2 is now playing theatres.