Y’all ready to get to writing? You know the drill, please head your paper properly in the upper-right hand corner of your paper, yada yada, it’s time to go to the mall everybody! Our recap time starts…NOW!

Elena is stuck in the middle school throws of wanting to grow up at a faster pace, but puberty and parental input won’t allow it. As she heads to a day at the mall (which the shot of the food court is the literal Orlando Premium Outlets right across the street from Disney Springs. Iconic.), Gabby sets strict guidelines on what stores Elena can visit. By “stores,” I mean “store,” as she can only go to Kimmy’s, aka a Claire’s-esque jewelry and accessories store. When the evil duo walk by Elena with their bag from the Intimates store, Elena and her BFF decide today is the day to break some rules, after citing Amelia Earhart, of course.

They make a mess of the store, which stresses me out beyond belief, along with run into their teacher Miss Wexler (RACHEL BLOOM!), before they run out of the store in embarrassment. When they get home, Elena realizes she has accidentally stolen a zebra print bra. The horror! The shame! The guilt! The rest of Elena’s plot for the episode has her dealing with the guilt of not only disobeying her mother, but also stealing from a store. She loves rules too much to go through all this shame!

Meanwhile, Bobby is stressed about kissing Monyca, Gabby won’t allow him to close the door, and when they finally can kiss, he feels weird about it. It’s a C-plot that has no real movement. Onto Gabby!

Gabby is trying to get onto a big case at the firm and one that has a major personal connection. After trying to find something to connect with Joy, the law firm’s partner and head of the case, through social media, Gabby accidentally becomes Joy #1 stalker with a liking frenzy on her insta. Honey, we’ve ALL been there.

After being honest with Joy about the light insta-stalking, she states her case on why she should be one of the driving forces for the litigation and Joy agrees. Gabby is immediately put to work, leading her to stay at the office late that night.

Elena calls her mom and spills the beans from under the lunch table (naturally), but Gabby can no longer take her to the mall to fess up. Sam offers himself for the job and through the Elena interaction, realizes he is ready to jump headfirst into being a father figure. CUTE! FUN! WE LOVE TO SEE IT!

Best part of the episode is Gabby’s friend saying to Sam “White guys like boats, right?”

Hands up, pencils down! Did you get all of that down? Next week we hit the halfway mark of the semester, so make sure you’re staying up to date with your studies.

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