It’s pretty clear, we’d all love to be at Disney Parks all the time, but since that isn’t possible for most people, we have to settle for souvenirs. A new collection of fun Parks themed night lights has arrived at Walt Disney World and we think the team behind the cordless merchandise had some really bright ideas! All jokes aside, the lights are available now and sell for $16.99 each.

Mickey Mouse Balloon

What’s better than a Mickey balloon? How about a Mickey balloon shaped night light that gives off a friendly glow? The cordless lights feature green and blue hues to match your Disney mood, or adjust to the theme of the room. This balloon light base is shaped like a hand clutching the popular souvenir.  

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cone

Might we suggest putting these cuties in the kitchen to make late night snacking that much easier? Shaped like an ice cream cone complete with the buttons from Mickey’s pants, this bright delight is covered in fun toppings that include sauce, sprinkles, a cherry, and Mouse ears!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

It may not be Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, but this is certainly the Happiest and Most Magical night light on Earth!


We’ve saved the best for last with the monorail shaped night lights. Whether you prefer Monorail Blue or Red, you can add a bit of whimsy to your home with one glowing transport, or buy several and really recreate the journey between Magic Kingdom or EPCOT and the TTC.

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