The stroy of the Zodiac Killer is a fascinating one that has been told countless times in movies, books, television and other mediums. The Most Dangerous Animal of All, a new original documentary series on FX on Hulu, adds a wrinkle to that story.

Gary Stewart has known he was adopted his entire life, but still had a desire for answers regarding his birth parents. When he began his search for answers, he never imagined the information he would find would lead him to believe his biological father was the Zodiac Killer.

The new documentary series is gripping right from the beginning as we are introduced to Stewart and his touching story. As you progress through the story and learn about his birth mother and her relationship with his abusive father, that grip only tightens. By the time the name “Zodiac Killer” is mentioned for the first time, you’re hooked.

The whole doc is shot in a very ominous way, as you would expect with a documentary indirectly about a serial killer. The mood is set right from the beginning and it never lets up. It creates an uneasy energy that will have you nervously on the edge of your seat.

The first episode really just explains Stewart’s story, his reconnection with his birth mother and the story of her relationship with his father, Earl Van Best Jr. It’s not until the end of that episode that we find out Stewart suspects his father of being the notorious killer.

The second episode starts to explain the story of the Zodiac and allows Stewart to explain the copious amounts of evidence that point to his father being the killer. It plays out almost as someone explaining their conspiracy theory, but the evidence is so convincing it’s hard not to be on his side. He lays out coincidence after coincidence and fact after fact to the point where you can’t help but believe him.

The second half of the four-episode series starts to doubt Stewarts claims and ask questions about his theory. As his evidence starts to unravel, you may find yourself making a complete 180. The first two episodes will have you so firmly in his corner and then, suddenly, you’re not so sure. The ability to dictate what you do and do not belive is a testament to just how compelling the series is.

We also get to see Stewart’s reactions to doubters of his theory after the release of his book bearing the same title as the series. It’s fascinating to watch because this investigation has become such a huge part of his life and he has completely staked his reputation on its legitimacy. It’s nice to see the documentary tell the story from both sides.

The Most Dangerous Animal of All is a fascinating new documentary series that tells a story of arguably the most infamous killer in American history. It is as compelling as a documentary can be and, despite its four-hour run time, it will make it hard for you to get up and walk away from it before you’ve finished.

All four episodes of The Most Dangerous Animal of All are streaming now on FX on Hulu.



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