Quiz: International Disney (Disney Trivia Live!)

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On May 12th, we did two contests live. Our second was themed to International Disney. It was created by Daniel Kaplan. Play it here:

What was the first Disney movie set in a real country besides the USA

"Liberated, Delivered," is an English translation of the French translation of what song?

Which is the direct translation of Peter Pan's Flight in Tokyo Disneyland?

In the Japanese version of Inside Out, the broccoli that disgusted Riley was replaced with what?

What land is the Haunted Mansion in Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris?

The movie "The Mighty Ducks" was originally released under what different name in Australia?

In Zootopia, depending on where the film was released, a character's species differs with which profession?

Tokyo Disneyland is unique in the amount of flavors one can find of what popular theme park snack?

This Disney movie went by the title of "Jigsaw" when it was released in Russia.

Iron Man 3 is 4 minutes longer in the version specifically released for which country?

Which Disney film has a scene in the Solomon Islands?

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