The trailer for WandaVision, one of the many long-awaited Marvel series coming to Disney+, finally debuted last night during ABC’s broadcast of the Emmys. Even with the trailer being only one minute and 20 seconds long, there was still a lot to take in. So let’s take a closer look at the WandaVision trailer.

In a great way to show how truly unique this series is going to be, the trailer opens looking like a 50s-style television as the Marvel Studios logo appears.

After a shot of a passing car with a “Just Married” sign on the back, we see Wanda and Vision in what appears to be their new home. Wanda is still wearing her wedding dress.

As we get a few shots of the newlyweds in their 50s home and clothing, we hear Vision saying “Wanda and Vision, aren’t we a fine pair.”

Wanda then confirms that the house is their new home, saying “This is our home now, I want us to fit in.” As she says that, she gestures to Vision and he magically transforms into his human self.

We then get out first look at Kathryn Hahn, who appears to be playing a nosey neighbor. She says “Oh this is gonna be a gas!” as she exits their home.

As we see a couple of shots of Wanda using her powers to pour a bottle of wine, we hear a voice asking “Where did you two move from, how long have you been married and why don’t you have children yet?” The questions spark some disembodied laughter, as if the show is a sitcom shot in front of a studio audience.

As she finishes her questions, we see that it is Debra Jo Rupp of That 70s Show fame who is asking.

As Wanda tries to answer she quickly becomes visibly confused and only manages the words “Our story…” before Vision cuts her off.

“I think what my wife is trying to say is that we moved from,” Vision says before he also trails off.

A man at the table, assumedly the husband of Debra Jo Rupp’s character, begins to get impatient and asks “Moved from where? Married when? Damn it why!?” He begins to slam his hand on the table as Rupp says “Oh Arthur stop it.”

Wanda and Vision share troubled looks as Rupp repeats “Stop it” and Arthur continues to slap the table.

The aspect ratio of the trailer slowly transitions and the next shot fades from black and white to color while Wanda asks “Is this really happening?”

We then get a quick montage of shots that includes Wanda and Vision holding two babies. These are presumably their twin children who, in the comics, eventually go on to become the Young Avengers known as Wiccan and Speed.

We also see Hahn again, this time in full 80s gear, before jumping to a shot of Wanda dancing in her comic-accurate Scarlet Witch costume.

Vision, now fully restored to his Avengers: Infinity War look including the Mind Stone firmly planted in his head, flies away, seemingly in search of answers.

Vision lowers himself back to the ground in front of a car stopped in the middle of the road.

Vision inspects the car and finds Hahn in some sort of trance sitting in the driver seat. He touchers her and she snaps out of it with a gasp. She immediately asks him “Am I dead?”

Vision responds “No! Why would you think that?”

“Because you are,” Hahn replies before bursting into laughter in front of the confused and trouble Vision.

We then get another two quick shots. The first is Vision walking in the street in his comic-accurate costume. It appears to be cheaply made, perhaps like a Halloween costume.

The second shot is Wanda in her home, using her powers to change the furniture. This might be a look at Wanda altering reality which is likely to be a big part of the story for this series.

We then get a few shots of a person flying through the air, seemingly after being thrown by Wanda as her signature red mystic remnants appear on the body. We the person seems to be thrown into another dimension, as the first shot sees them during the day, they hit some sort of wormhole-type-thing and they land in a new location at night.

That new location appears to be a military base of some sort as several armed men approach the person who was seemingly thrown into this dimension.

It is then revealed that the person in question is Monica Rambeau who first appeared as a young girl in Captain Marvel and is now being played by Teyonah Parris. The age jump of Rambeau fits with the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Marvel took place in the 90s and Avengers: Endgame jumped us another five years into the future.

In the comics, Monica eventually gains powers of her own and operates under an array of aliases including Photon and eventually even Captain Marvel.

We get one more shot in black and white as Wanda and Vision, once again in their home, sit together on their couch.

“We are an unusual couple, you know,” Wanda says.

“Oh, I don’t think that was ever in question,” Vision replies, to the delight of the studio audience.

Finally, we get another look at the show’s logo before seeing the Disney+ logo along with “Coming Soon.”

You can watch the full trailer for Marvel’s WandaVision here:

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