One of the best parts of venturing to Walt Disney World on a near daily basis is discovering new merchandise as it’s rolled out. Today during our visit to the Polynesian Village Resort, we discovered four Disney-themed No-Touch Pulls.

No-Touch Pulls are handy little tools that make it easier to avoid coming in contact with high touch surfaces such as door handles, touch screens, and elevator buttons. The Disney versions can be used as a keychain and include a key ring and clip to hook onto belt loops or purse straps. Disney guests can find these small accessories at the Polynesian Village Resort where they sell for $12.99.

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper

The iconic purple wallpaper that graces several rooms in the Haunted Mansion attraction is featured on this pull. The only way this could be better is if it glowed in the dark!


Stitch is about to get into some mischief, but that doesn’t mean you have to! The blue pull includes sketches of Experiment 626 outlined in purple.

Minnie Mouse Polka Dots

Minnie Mouse is always rockin the dots and you can join her! This No-Pull is bright red and covered with white polka dots, and even features Minnie’s ears and red bow.

Mickey Mouse Facial Expressions

Finally, we found this Mickey Mouse Pull that’s painted black and has several silly Mickey Mouse expressions. And yes, just like the Minnie Mouse Pull above, this one has ears too!

How They Work:

  • A hole placed at the back of the pull gives the user something to grip so they can use the curved hook to grab onto door handles, chair backs, and even straps on a bag or purse.
  • The tip of the Pull is also great for pushing elevator buttons and keypads. But best of all, these pulls are super cute!
  • Please note, these will not work on twisting door knobs; will not work on touchscreens.

All Photos by Jeremiah Good

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