Planet Play at Kennedy Space Center Gives Both Kids and Adults a Place to Relax and Have Fun

Planet Play has opened at Kennedy Space Center, where families can explore and have fun while learning about our incredible galaxy. The location even has a special section set up for adults to relax while the kids adventure through the new area. Let’s check it out.

As we take our first steps into 2021, Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex takes one giant leap into the unknown by opening Planet Play, an interactive kids zone.

This new, fully-immersive multiple-story play experience is designed for a younger generation of space explorers ages 2 – 12. It gives a great opportunity for those kids who already look to the stars a chance to expel some of that pent up energy while learning about the planets. As a kid who always wanted to venture into space, walking around Planet Play made me wish I was young enough to explore this great new area.

This new location is not only the first new attraction of 2021, but also raised the standard for interactive areas.

Planet Play is a great addition to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, it not only gives a much needed space for the younger explorers but also a nice area for the parents to sit, relax, and recharge. A coffee, wine, and beer bar is strategically placed on the second floor, giving parents the best view of the full play area so they can enjoy a much needed break while not having to worry about the kids getting lost or swallowed by a wormhole (just climbing up and down one).

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is open 7 days a week with lots to see and explore, visit Kennedy Space Center for hours and ticketing information.