Welcome to another episode recap of Disney Channel’s Secrets of Sulphur Springs. This time, we’re dissecting the sisth episode, titled “Time Warped.” Now streaming on the Disney Now app and airing on the cable network tonight (February 5th) at 8/7c, here’s a rundown of everything that happens in this episode.

The dance is over and the campers are celebrating around a campfire roasting marshmallows. Savannah and Bennet arrive later, with Griffin and Harper keeping an eye on them and Jess as a counselor tells the tale of the legendary Moss Man. A mossy figure emerges from the trees and jumps out at Savannah, making her scream. Jess makes fun of her for being scared. Griffin and Harper take their eyes off them for a moment when Harper helps Griffin wipe chocolate off his face. When they look up, Bennet and Savannah are gone. They head off to find them, thinking they may have gone to The Tremont.

In the present, Zoey and Wyatt pretend to be sleeping when Sarah checks on them. After their mom leaves, they spring out of bed and sneak into the basement for their seance. We see Ben outside with a flashlight looking for something. As Sarah comes downstairs with a basket of laundry, she finds a cold spot and Ben scares her when he opens the door suddenly. She asks what he was doing and he says he heard a noise, thinking a tree fell. She gives him a look that suggests she might not believe him.

Meanwhile, Bellet and Savannah are hanging out in the treehouse talking about Jess when she surprises them. Jess thinks Savannah was badmouthing her and accuses her of seeking attention and not being as brave as she claims. She dares her to spend the night in the basement of The Tremont, which the campers believe is haunted. As she leaves, Jess tells Savannah “Everything would be better if you were gone.”

Griffin and Harper are inside The Tremont and quickly realize Bennet and Savannah aren’t there. Making a plan to check the treehouse next, they’re stopped when Jess comes in. Harper tries to apologize and clear up the misunderstanding from the dance, but Jess cuts her off and gets the attention of a counselor named Becky, telling her she doesn’t believe Griffin or Harper are actually staying at The Tremont like they claim because she’s never seen their parents. Another counselor stops them from leaving and escorts them into the manager’s office.

Interrogated by the manager, he asks Griffin and Harper for the names of their parents. Sticking with their Harry Potter aliases, Griffin says his parent’s names are Lily and James Potter and Harper says hers are just Mr. and Mrs. Granger, no first names (in the books and films, the names of Hermione’s parents are never revealed). The manager says those names aren’t in the hotel’s registry and they are locked in the office until their parents show up.

Griffin and Harper soon break out of the manager’s office and decide they should go back to the present, hoping they’ve had enough of an impact on the past to prevent Savannah’s disappearance. Up in the treehouse, Savannah suggests that she and Bennet spend the night up their instead of in their bunks. As they prepare to go to sleep, she says that she’s slept in basements before in foster homes and she isn’t scared to do it again.

In the basement, Zoey and Wyatt wear headbands with lights and start a seance over a photo of John Stamos with the video camera recording them. Summoning Savannah to show herself, the lights on their headlights go out and they think she’s listening. When Griffin and Harper come back through the portal and see the twins, they throw a can of soup to scare them. Ben finds them and the power is now out throughout the house.

Before the citywide power outage, we saw Topher on the porch with his mom as his phone became disconnected from the speaker in Harper’s room, playing snoring sounds. He covered, saying he was spying on Harper to make sure she wasn’t up to trouble. Jess told him to remove the microphone not to wake her up. When the power went out, Topher saw his mom with an electric lantern about to enter Harper’s room. He tried to stop her, but she entered and pulled back the covers, finding the speaker and pillows.

Back at The Tremont, Zoey and Wyatt hear Griffin’s guitar sounds still emanating from his room and open the door, thinking it would be weird for him to be playing in the dark. They see his laptop connected to his amp and realize he’s not there. When the lights on their headbands went out, their camera stopped working too. But upstairs, it comes back to life and they see a ball of light above them during their seance, believing they caught Savannah’s ghost on film.

In the basement, Griffin and Harper feel like they’re doing the wrong thing and as the power goes out, they decide to head back to the past. They come out through the portal and run to The Tremont, with Ben and Sarah standing out front with flashlights. The portal somehow didn’t work and now they’re busted.

The episode ends with Savannah waking up in the treehouse and sneaking out, leaving Bennet alone. She sneaks into The Tremont and we see her looking nervous as she descends into the basement.

Three short clips were shown for next week’s episode, titled “Long Time Gone.” Jess arrives at The Tremont and both Griffin and Harper are grounded again. Somehow, they sneak back to the past, with the portal working again, and they find Bennet. Realizing Harper is missing, Jess comes to The Tremont and tells Sarah and Ben she thinks the kids have run off together, suggesting they call the police.

“Long Time Gone” premieres Friday, February 12th, at 8/7c on Disney Channel. Here is the official episode description:

“Griffin and Harper are grounded after they are caught together outside of The Tremont. Soon after, they sneak back through the portal with the hope of still finding Savannah.”

Will Griffin and Harper find Savannah when they get to the past? That’s the most obvious question going into the next episode, but the ending of “Time Warped” also raises a question about how the portal works. Since it didn’t work when the power was out and Griffin and Harper always feel a shock when they time travel through it, how does it work? And more importantly, who created it in the first place? Hopefully we’ll find out next week.

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