The films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are always packed with surprises, so why would we expect the Disney+ original series to be any different? WandaVision delivered quite a few and just one episode into The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we got yet another. But who exactly is this new character we met?

Spoilers ahead!

The first episode of the new series, titled “New World Order,” ends with a look at a brand new character. After Sam Wilson relinquished the shield, much to the delight of the U.S. government, it appeared it would be time for a life after Captain America. However, the government had something else in mind.

With Sam watching on television, a press conference is held to reveal to the public a brand new American hero. The episode comes to a close with a glimpse of the new hero, holding the shield, in a modified Captain America uniform. He is introduced as “the new Captain America.”

This character is none other than John Walker, also known as the U.S. Agent. Played here by actor Wyatt Russell, Walker actually did hold the title of Captain America for a brief stint in the comics, before going toe to toe with Steve Rogers himself.

After that, he put on a different uniform and operated under the name U.S. Agent. With that title, he has been a member of the Mighty Avengers, the West Coast Avengers, the Secret Defenders and even the Dark Avengers. His history has been a little complicated over the years, with his allegiances being questioned several times and his actions being a bit questionable at best.

The character has also had his own series several times, including a new one that began just last year. One thing to know about this character… he’s kind of a loser. John Walker has never been able to live up to that Captain America monicker. The first issue of the new series showcases that, as the citizens of a town are visibly disappointed when Walker arrives on the scene.

To make a long story short: John Walker is no Steve Rogers. But, with the backing of the U.S. government, he is currently our Captain America. Of course, I would imagine bout Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will have something to saw about that. We’ll see who ends up with the shield when it’s all said and done.

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