Over the past year, we’ve tried a number of the National Geographic Science kits with tremendous success. We’ve found them to be entertaining and educational with nearly everything you need included along with a full-color step by step guide. With the Science Magic Kit – Mega we discovered two guides: a 41 page Science Magic Kit Experiment Guide to over 20 experiments and another booklet entitled “30 Bonus Science Experiments to Do at Home.” Be sure to check over the supplies needed for the 30 experiments title as a few experiments — make your own homemade ice cream, for example — need additional supplies not included and you may not have them already at home.

We were delighted by the simple Optical Illusion experiment. Only four items were needed, all included within the kit to perform the “vanishing test tube” Check out the results!

You can also

  • Hide a secret message
  • Waterproof yourself
  • Make water disappear
  • And more — over 50 tricks and experiments in all

And we had a blast “magically” transforming a metal wire into a paperclip by simply placing it in a warm bowl. It's hard to believe and my husband had our son demonstrate it several times before we talked about the science behind it. The special properties of the wire’s metal alloy are the magic here. You’ll also learn refraction, acids & bases, waterproofing, surface tension, polymer molecules and more as you give the experiments a try aka perform magic tricks.

In fact, part of the National Geographic’s Science Magic Kit’s appeal is the opportunity to perform, so if you’ve a budding magician at home give it a try.  Our son definitely enjoyed showing off the new tricks we had tried later in the day when his dad got home. The kit includes enough materials for a practice run and a performance sure to amaze the audience.  It's a great way to expose young minds to the entertainment value of science realities.

The National Geographic Science Magic Kit is available at Amazon.