You know when a television show presents the viewers a reprehensible character, knowing that everyone will hate them? Someone who has no redeeming qualities and is just a giant sack of onions? We were given that with this week’s episode in the form of the judge. This man, who Turner and Xavier are assigned to protect after death threats are received in response to a high profile case, is the absolute worst. He’s needy, not thankful, unkind, and [insert more disgusting adjectives here].

The requests from this man are wild and that of a sociopath. Yelling over improper clothing starch as if he is starring in Sophie’s Choice. Most times, I’m sort of sick of Turner’s constant complaining, but this week I was right by his side. At a certain point, Turner decides to share his feelings with the judge, leading himself into a big ‘ole pile of required community service. Cute!

While all this is going on, Laura is trying to get her ex-husband to help her track down some files to help uncover more mysteries about their father’s case. She gets caught up in the childish tendencies of her ex-husband and stress ensues. She’s tired of being the bad guy when it comes to raising their kid. Eventually, the two come to a parental agreement and he shares the files with Laura. It’s a B-plot that was just kind of…there? I know there is more to be said about this Turner Sr. case, but I’m still waiting to see what it entails.

Meanwhile, snipers are still targeting the judge and putting him and the security detail in grave danger. Luckily, Turner and Xavier start to piece together the possibility of how the judge is being tracked (a tracker placed in his robe!) and how Hooch seems to be at attention at certain points (the frequency from the tracker is heard by only Hooch!). So, Erica in tow, they race off to protect the judge one last time before heading into the court house.

I will say, Erica’s excitement over being of help in the situation, all the while being in the middle of possible gunfire, did have me chuckling. She just wanted some fun, what’s so wrong with that?! While Xavier takes control of the judge’s safety, Hooch leads Turner (thanks to Erica’s advice) to the sniper and finally tackles and arrests him. All is well in love and court!

Speaking of love, a clear love triangle is brewing between Erica, Turner, and Brooke. While Brooke is interested in rekindling their romance from years gone by, Erica is seeing more sparks between them as their in-work and outside-of-work relationships blossom. Just like Baxter snacking on popcorn as the trio met up, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

(Important: Turner caught the sniper thanks to a hot sauce packet Xavier placed in his jacket pocket. This show is bonkers.)

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