The haunt season is underway in Central Florida, and not just in the theme parks. There are dozens of local haunts for those who are looking to make the most out of this Halloween season, but only one invites you to shoot lasers at zombies, clowns and… zombie clowns. Tonight marked the opening night of Scream N’ Stream and we got to check out the unique experience.

Scream N’ Stream brings all the scares right to your car. Guests are given “stun guns” and instructions to shoot any subjects that get too aggressive. The experience combines a haunt with laser tag all while weaving a completely original story.

Admittedly, it is difficult to get some of the finer points of said story, but that’s only because you’ll likely become distracted by the fun of firing your weapon at the approaching clowns and zombies. As guests make their way through the many scenes, the story unfolds all around them through speakers and performers who interact with them.

Within the story, guests are getting the opportunity to be the firsts to see a classified new genetic weapon in a top-secret military base. But when the subject break their containment and get out of control, they’ll all be glad they’ve been armed with stun guns. The only hope to get out of the military base alive is to successfully deliver a killswitch to a drop point before it’s too late.

The biggest question coming into an experience like this is likely pertaining to safety. Guests drive their own vehicles from scene to scene while staying under a safe speed limit of 3 mph. Once a scene is reached, guests come to a complete stop as the scene plays out around them. When the scene is complete, a light turns green to let the driver know when it is time to move onto the next scene.

That being said, this is certainly a very different experience for the driver than it is for the passengers. Each vehicle receives up to three stun guns, with the driver being tasked with the role of “navigator.” In other words, the experience isn’t quite as interactive for them as it is for everyone else. That doesn’t mean they don’t get to watch the story play out around them though and the driver can still have a lot of fun. But if you want to zap some zombies, maybe convince someone else to drive.

As for the health and safety precautions, this event is very safely socially distanced. Guests remain in their vehicles at all times while performers keep their distance. The equipment is also sanitized after each and every experience, creating a completely safe environment for everyone involved.

That leaves the performers as the only thing to be afraid of. Whether their attacking your vehicle or backing away after being zapped by you and the other guests, these performers do a great job of bringing the experience to life. Combined with the live sets props, guests are transported to this nightmarish facility.

Even with the stellar performers, this is still a good haunt for families or those who are looking for an introduction to the haunt season. It’s provides a few good jump scares and puts guests into a spooky environment without being too intense. Children who are up for a fun Halloween experience will enjoy the opportunity to back the creatures away from their vehicle by blasting them with the stun guns.

Overall, Scream N’ Stream is a fun and unique way to celebrate the spooky season. It features an interesting original story that comes to life all around you, even if it is difficult to get some of the details because you’re too busy zapping monsters. With tickets starting at $47, this experience is well worth the price of admission. And remember, the price is per car, not per person.

Scream N’ Stream runs on select nights now through October 31 at the Oviedo Mall. You can get tickets here.